My adventures passing the Alpes. Make sure you check all the individual rules

photo by the author

I sit at my desk. My train to Austria is booked. All set. All set? I check the travel guidelines for entering Austria. I fill out an extensive form: Train number, birth date, passport number, hotel address, date of corona test. Corona test? I search for the closest test station…

A reminder to use the 4 questions of The Work by Byron Katie to experience freedom — right now

Photograph by the author

Internalizing the 4 questions of The Work by Byron Katie supported my ability to get out of overwhelming feelings and negative thought circles, rather quickly. I experience awareness of the choices I have when it comes to my own thinking. More and more I enjoy being present in the Now.

It took me years to come up with this single affirmation and integrate it in my own life. May you be faster.

Photo by the author

I do not believe in affirmations I do not believe in.

Like the super-self-helpy ones, such as “I am slim and fabulous.” Or: “I am rich and beautiful.” Affirmations like these make me either puke or laugh my head off in disbelief.

Then there are affirmations or rather mantras, I…

A re-interpretation of »Powers of Tens« to make most of our seconds on this planet

Powers of Ten, 1977, Ray and Charles Eames with IBM

The 1977 short film »Powers of Tens«, a collaboration by Ray and Charles Eames and IBM, marks a milestone.

Powers of Ten™ (1977)

First of all, it examples an exciting partnership between the biggest Western…

It don’t care about fitness. I love all the side effects.

photo: copyright by the author

Like most of us, I have been working remotely for the last 15 months.

I love the advantages of working from home: I wear what I want. I eat when I want (with my dear Colin). I take baths and exercise whenever I want. …

It has nothing to do with physical fitness. It’s my mental floss.

art work by the author

Have you ever heard someone say: “I wish I had not gone to yoga class today.” or “I so regret practicing yoga.”? I have not, never once. To the contrary, the years I taught Yoga full time were extraordinarily rewarding. Everybody was so grateful after yoga class. However, that was…

Be inspired by the unknown. Follow your curiosity.

Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Circular Image in Motion, 1933, oil on canvas, Kunstmuseum Basel

You think you had a plan. A very specific goal. You know exactly where you’re going. You’re ready to take off at position “A” and you’re sure where you’ll end up, namely at “B”. But then, on the way, you’re suddenly not so sure anymore. You meet new people. Other…

Dorothée King

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