Is there such a thing as Coaching Burnout?

Dorothée King
3 min readApr 17

Today, I want to reflect on my many coaching sessions with the question: too many? As I have the feeling, I do suffer from something like coaching burnout.

photo from a random hotel painting

I am a twofold certified life coach. Yet still, I have my doubts about the whole coaching business. Maybe I miss the right mindset. Maybe I was expecting too many wonders. Maybe I was not putting in enough work. Maybe it is time to move on for me?

It all started in the late 1990s when I began to coach my lost self with Babara Sher’s “I could do anything I only knew what it was.” I loved doing all the exercises in the book, but did not get the clarity I was hoping for. I continued my search by reading even more self-help books. I read “love yourself, and it doesn’t matter who you marry” by Eva-Maria Zurhorst long before I even thought about getting married myself, quasi as prophylaxis. I devoured “Simplify your life.” even though I am the most minimalist person I know.

Shortly before we moved to the States, I did my first One-Day-Coaching called the Joblab. Finally, I wanted to know what I should do with my life. I thought I should re-invent myself with emigration. Eight hours and a lot of money later, I heard that I should do something with yoga and start my own business. I should have listened, not only halfheartedly.

Living in the US, I began to build up, what my friends jokingly call my, Fuck-it-Library. In my bookshelf you find books with the beautiful titles like “How to be a badass in making money”, “Fuck it. Do what you want”, “The Subtle Art of not giving a Shit” etc.

After we moved to Switzerland, I became even more interested in coaching. I graduated from a leadership coaching training before I started my new job. I did a training in “negotiation skills for women”, when it was already too late. I graduated from my first life coaching training from a fancy institute in Zürich.

After that, I felt I stop teaching school stuff to my students, but started asking them about their true callings instead.

Still, I did not know what I truly wanted to do with my life. Even though I turned 40. I did another…

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